A medical challenge does not just entail diagnosis and treatment. The long road of recovery or of living with a chronic condition includes dealing with the side effects that can last for years or decades. There are many good people and thousands of organizations out there to help. Finding the right assistance at the right time is, at best, challenging and time consuming. Center for Life, by streamlineing the process, allows patients and their families to focus on healing and caring for each other. We are dedicated to helping make the day-to-day challenges of normal life manageable until you are ready to take them on again.

Patients: There is a wealth of knowledge, experience, tricks, and tips for handling treatments that Center for Life can help you access. If you are alone, we want to make sure you have the support that you need and want. We can connect you with people who have been in your shoes. If you want company, we can let your friends know; and if you want to be left alone, or limit your visitors, we can facilitate these arrangements.

Caregivers and spouses: You will be told time and again to take care of yourself, which is critically important but often seemingly impossible to prioritize. We help you make it doable, finding support to relieve daily stresses, to provide resources, and to lend a sympathetic ear. Center for Life’s goal is to create some space in your life so you may focus on what is truly important.

Family members: We understand that the patient isn’t the only one experiencing this medical challenge. Everyone can all use some support during critical times. Center for Life wants to make sure you, too, have access to resources. Note that legal restrictions may limit your involvement, care, and advocacy activities. We work with patients and their families to identify, address, and communicate patients’ needs to create opportunities for sharing support.

Communities: Most of us want to do good and be of help when we can. Many of us are part of communities and still hunger to have a stronger connection to those around us. Connecting with others of like minds is a wonderful gift we can receive while helping a person or family in need. Center for Life helps facilitate those opportunities.

Often American society is discussed in terms of being a consumer culture made up of service jobs. What if, instead, we worked toward becoming a supportive society where we value ourselves by how much we take action to help others. As individuals, we instinctively understand this concept. We crave an opportunity to help and are often just looking for a meaningful way to reach out.
Together we are a social safety net, there to be a part of, and there to be supported by.